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Gevva is the first search engine to focus on getting things done.
It intelligently predicts your end goal, and directly gives you the tools you need to complete the job.

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Sahil Gupta

Sahil Gupta

Sahil manages product lifecycle and business grunt work. When he's not dreaming up startup ideas, Sahil enjoys water polo, swimming, and water.

Stanley Zhang

Stanley Zhang

Stan is responsible for core infrastructure and code beautification. When he's afk, Stan enjoys pressing camera buttons.

Cavan Klinsky

Cavan Klinsky

Cavan manages front-end development, hiring, and press outreach. In his free time, he enjoys picking heavy things up, listening to music loudly, and eating sushi.

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A few services

We've set up a few basic services for you to try out. Try convert, directions, events, weather, headlines, or translate. We add new services every day so check back soon!

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Workflow Creation

Workflow creation is up and running. Combine our different services in any way you can imagine!
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Clean code

Background Information

While we'll be making big changes every day, our background/contact information will stay the same. Check it out on the About page.